An official journal of the Society for Biology of Reproduction and the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn

December 2013 (No. 4)

Sex-sorting of boar spermatozoa does not influence the localization of glucose transporters

Diego Bucci *, Giovanna Galeati, Elisa Giaretta, Carlo Tamanini, Marcella Spinaci

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche Veterinarie (DIMEVET), Università degli Studi di Bologna, Via Tolara di Sopra, 50, 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy

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Sex-sorting damages spermatozoa function, shortening their lifespan and fertility. This study used an immunofluorescence technique to investigate the effect of sex-sorting on the localization of glucose transporters (GLUTs) in boar spermatozoa. GLUTs are trans-mem- brane proteins responsible for glucose transport within cells. Distribution of GLUTs on sperm cells was similar in unsorted and sex-sorted semen, suggesting that the flow cytometric sex-sorting process did not affect the sperm energy apparatus.

Reproductive Biology 2013 13 4: 341–343.

* Corresponding author:, (D. Bucci).