An official journal of the Society for Biology of Reproduction and the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn

December 2014 (No. 4) Volume 14

Validation of reference genes in the feline endometrium

Ewelina Jursza, Dariusz J. Skarzynski, Marta J. Siemieniuch *

Department of Reproductive Immunology and Pathology, Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Tuwima 10, 10-748 Olsztyn, Poland

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The aim of the study was to find the most stable reference genes from: ACTB, GAPDH, RPL30, CYC, RPL17, RPS7 and YWHAZ in the feline endometrium. Three free software packages, geNorm, NormFinder and BestKeeper were used. In geNorm analysis, the most stable gene was RPS7 (at a primer concentration 1000 nM) or YWHAZ (500 and 250 nM). According to NormFinder and BestKeeper, ACTB (at all examined primer concentrations) followed by RPS7 and CYC were the most stable genes. Based on geNorm results at least two genes from among RPS7, RPL30, ACTB or YWHAZ should be chosen for Real Time-PCR result normalization.

Reproductive Biology, 2014 14 (4): 302-306.

* Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: (E. Jursza), (D.J. Skarzynski), (M.J. Siemieniuch)