An official journal of the Society for Biology of Reproduction and the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn

March 2012 (No. 1)

The generation of spermatogonial stem cells and spermatogonia in mammals

Agnieszka Kolasa, Kamila Misiakiewicz, Mariola Marchlewicz, Barbara Wiszniewska


The effect of horse serum on in vitro development of porcine parthenogenetic embryos

In-Sul Hwang, Sung Woo Kim, Sung June Byun, Kyung-Woon Kim, Hee Kyoung Chung, Jong-Ju Park, Kuppannan Gobianand, Jin-Ki Park, Jae Gyu Yoo


Follicular populations, recruitment and atresia in the ovaries of different strains of mice

Paulo Henrique Almeida Campos-Junior, Carolina Marinho Assuncao, Bruno Campos Carvalho, Ribrio Ivan Tavares Pereira Batista, Raúl Marcel González Garcia, Joao Henrique Moreira Viana


Impact of protamine transcripts and their proteins on the quality and fertilization ability of sperm and the development of preimplantation embryos

Magdalena Depa-Martynow, Bartosz Kempisty, Paweł Piotr Jagodziński, Leszek Pawelczyk, Piotr Jedrzejczak